Washington State Parks: A Revitalization Campaign
Washington State Parks has recently and gradually seen a drop in attendance and funding. For my senior project, I sought to create an advertising campaign and website mock-up that can better target the younger generation--the future generation of state parks!
For my senior project I created an advertising campaign for Washington State Parks, and organization I grew up with--being the daughter of a ranger. Washington State Parks have struggled with the recent economic downturn, with the lack of funding resulting in a risk of park closures.

I have developed a possible advertising campaign and website that targets younger urbanites. Young people are the next generation that will need to support parks, yet they are often distracted by media. Using a sense of humor and confidence, we can assure park amateurs that parks are indeed a fantastic way to spend leisure time, and almost challenges them to make the visit.

The campaign is styled from traditional recreation signs, but has been modified to work in a variety of different applications--ranging from bus shelters to billboards. The ads include a QR code that viewers can scan using their mobile device, taking them to the relevant website. The web features two sets of navigation, one focused around the campaign with general "Tips & Tricks," and the general navigation for ordinary park functions. The campaign acts as a filter to parks' website, relieving any uncertainties the audience may have about the wilderness, yet still providing the detailed information about each facility. User generated content for each park is a strong possibility, allowing for photos, discussion, and news announcements. Each park can also have a more detailed description and a historical timeline.
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